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Fintech Deployment Woes? Call In the ‘New Gatekeeper’ Team

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Who are the key stakeholders in determining the technology a firm utilizes, and what impact do the tools an advisor uses have on end client engagement? These questions were at the heart of the panel discussion “Technology, Financial Services and the New Gatekeepers” held October 31, 2107 at the T3 conference in Las Vegas, with a panel including Matt Lynch, managing partner of Strategy & Resources, LLC, Jeffrey Concepcion, founder and CEO of super OSJ Stratos Wealth Partners, and Steven Wallman, founder and CEO of Foliofn, best known for services including Folio Investing and the SRI Conference.

The choice of technology solution — whether for CRM, planning, or practice management — is often fraught with peril. Lynch said that as a rule, six months after a tech rollout at an advisor firm, the new technology has a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS), meaning most users dislike the new tools.

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