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S&R at the FPA Major Firms Symposium, Executive Roundtable 2015

Executive Roundtable – October 2015

15 Apr , 2016

Following the FPA Major Firms Symposium in Boston, during which Matt Lynch presented a strategy session focused on topics of interest to the broker/dealer and custodian executives attending, eight tenured consultants in the financial services industry gathered to discuss trends, opportunities and challenges facing financial advisors and the larger firms that support them. These executives included Marion Asnes, Idea Refinery; Bob Cogan, Strategy B4 Tactics; Julie Littlechild,; Matt Lynch, Strategy & Resources, LLC; Marty Miller, Clear Path Consulting; Marie Swift, Impact Communications; Richard Scott Taylor, Innesskirk Global; Mitch Vigeveno, Turning Point, Inc.

A white paper transcript and a set of short video clips capture their conversation. An excerpt of the conversation was published by Investment Advisor Magazine (November 2015).

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